Level 2 PSLE
At first, the books in a library were placed on 30 shelves with an equal number of books on each shelf. 3 shelves were removed and the books on these shelves were placed on the remaining shelves. Because of this, the number of books on each remaining shelf increased by 5. What was the number of books on each shelf at first?
2 m
Level 1 PSLE
The sum of two whole numbers is 1035.
  1. What is the smallest difference between the two numbers?
  2. Write down these two numbers. (Eg 1, 2)
2 m
Level 2 PSLE
The mass of a box with 50 identical glass marbles is 750 g. When 20 of the marbles are removed, the mass of the box with the remaining marbles is 510 g. What is the mass of each glass marble?
2 m
Level 2
A group of 6 boys booked a badminton court for 2 hours. They took turns to play. Each boy played an equal amount of time. At any time, there were 4 boys playing on the court. How long did each boy play on the court? Express your answer in min.
2 m
Level 2PSLE
3 children rented 2 computers from 4.15 p.m. to 5.00 p.m. and took turns to play games on them. At any time, 2 of them played on the computers while the other child watched. If each of them had the same amount of playing time, how many minutes did each child get?
2 m
Level 3
During a sale, 8 necklaces and 11 watches cost $2836. If Zoe bought 14 necklaces and 20 watches, she would have spent all her money. Each necklace cost $136 more than a watch. Find the amount that Zoe had at first.
3 m
Level 3 PSLE
Yoko wants to make 14 small identical triangles and 20 large identical triangles using wire. She has made 12 small triangles and 7 large ones using 640 cm of wire. The length of wire she used for 3 large triangles is the same as that for 4 small stars.
  1. How many large triangles can be made with the same length of wire used to make 12 small triangles?
  2. What is the length of wire she needs to make the remaining triangles? Express your answer in cm.
4 m