Three types of pepper, W, X and Y come in containers of 150 g, 300 g and 400 g respectively. Containers of W, X and Y are mixed together in the ratio 1 : 6 : 7 to obtain 38 kg of an assortment of pepper.
  1. How many containers of W and X are used altogether?
  2. Find the difference between the combined weight of all the pepper in containers X and containers Y as compared to the pepper in containers W. Express the weight in kilograms.
4 m
Container W and Container X were filled completely with sugar. The total mass of 15 of the sugar in Container W and 111 of the sugar in Container X was 640 g. When 411of the sugar in Container X was poured out, the total mass of the sugar in both containers became 3.54 kg. How much sugar was in
  1. Container W?
  2. Container X?
4 m
Container A and Container B had 43 kg of sugar and 51 kg of sugar respectively. If 3 kg of sugar and 8.5 kg of sugar are added into Container A and Container B every day, how many days later will the sugar in Container A be half as much as the sugar in Container B?
4 m
A crate filled with 35 mangosteens has a mass of 16.4 kg. The same crate when filled with 15 durians has a mass of 3.64 kg. The mass of 1 mangosteens is twice the mass of 1 durian. Find the mass of the crate when it is empty. Express the answer in g.
5 m
A briefcase with 5 magazines in it has a mass of 2.58 kg. When 6 more magazines and 22 guide books are added, the mass becomes 4.28 kg. Each magazine has a mass 2 times as much as each guide book. Find the mass of the briefcase when it is empty. Express the answer in kg.
5 m
The mass of a box with 50 identical glass marbles is 750 g. When 20 of the marbles are removed, the mass of the box with the remaining marbles is 510 g. What is the mass of each glass marble?
2 m
3 foreigners have the same mass as 5 locals. Each foreigner's mass is 16 kg more than each local. What is the total mass of the 5 local in kilograms?
3 m
The mass of 8 exercise books and 3 guide books is 3.7 kg. The mass of 2 exercise books and 7 guide books is 5.3 kg. Find the mass of each guide book.
4 m
Mrs Lin bought 5 kg of shrimp and 2 kg of beef for $96. If she brought 2 kg of shrimp and 5 kg of beef, she would have to pay $3 less. How much did 1 kg of shrimp cost?
4 m
Bryan bought 4 times as many candy bars as chocolate bars. The total mass of candy bars and chocolate bars was 1040 g. The mass of chocolate bars was 240g less than that of the candy bars. The mass of 1 chocolate bar was 48 g heavier than 1 bar of candy bar.
  1. Find the number of candy bars that Bryan bought.
  2. Find the mass of 1 chocolate bar.
4 m