The figure is not drawn to scale. It shows an empty container made up of a cuboid, measuring 40 cm by 25 cm by 25 cm and 2 similar cubes of sides 5 cm. Line A is 10 cm. 12.5 ℓ of water is poured into the top cube into the cuboid.
  1. What is the height of the water level from the base of the container?
  2. How much more water in cm3 must be poured in so that the water fills up half of the top cube?
5 m
The figure, not drawn to scale, shows an empty tank measuring 20 cm by 15 cm by 15 cm. Water flows from Tap A at a rate of 300 mℓ per minute and from Tap B at a rate of 180 mℓ per minute. Tower X and Tower Y have a base area of 20 cm2 and 30 cm2 respectively. Water is drained out of the container at a rate of 130 mℓ per minute. Find the height of the water level after 13 minutes.
5 m
A rectangular tank measuring 120 cm by 50 cm by 100 cm is 50% filled with water. 10 identical pails of water that are completely filled are then scooped out from it. The water level drops to 45 cm. The remaining amount of water in the tank is later poured into a container that contains 40 litres of water. The water is then drained out through a tap found at the bottom of the container at 10 litres per minute.
  1. What is the capacity of each pail?
  2. How long did it take to drain the water from the container completely? Answer in terms of minutes.
5 m
To fill a tank measuring 50 cm by 20 cm by 40 cm completely, it takes Tap A 4 minutes while it takes Tap B only 12 minutes. How long will it take to completely fill the container with water if both the taps are turned on at the same time and 8 cubic containers of edges 10 cm, filled to the brim with water are poured into the tank?
5 m
The figure shows 2 tanks, Tank X and Tank Y. Tank X Is completely empty while Tank Y is filled with water to the brim. Water from Tap A flows in at a rate of 1.2 litres per minute while water drains from Tap B at a rate of 0.72 litres per minute. Both taps are turned on at the same time. After some time, the heights of the water level in both tanks became the same.
  1. Find the time taken for the heights of the water level to be the same in both tanks.
  2. Find the height of the water level at that point of time.
5 m
Water flows into a tank through Tap A and flows out of the container through Tap B. The capacity of a tank is 40 litres. When only Tap A is turned on, the container is completely filled in 16 minutes. When only Tap B is turned on, it takes 13 hour for all the water to flow out. If both taps are turned on at the same time,
  1. How long it takes to fill 40% of the tank?
  2. How much water has flowed out through Tap B by the time the tank is 35 filled with water?
5 m