The average score received by Jan, Alicia, Sue and May in a recent Math test was 76 marks. Jan and Alicia both got 8z marks each while Sue got half of May's marks. How many marks did Sue score for the test? Express your answer in terms of z.
3 m
A pen costs $z while a book costs 90¢ less than the pen.
  1. What is the cost of 2 pens and 1 book? Express your answer in terms of p in its simplest form.
  2. Abel wants to buy 2 pens and 1 book but is short of 30 cents. If the book costs $1.10, how much money does Alex have?
3 m
A van travels 20 km in 5r minutes. How far will it travel in k hours?
3 m
The total mass of Cindy, Jen and Marvin is 15p kg. Cindy has a mass of 5p kg. Jen is 2 kg heavier than Cindy.
  1. What is Marvin's mass in terms of p?
  2. If p = 10, what is Marvin's mass?
3 m
The table shows the number of pens sold at a bookshop last week.
  1. What was the total number of pens sold last week? Express your answer in terms of b the simplest form.
  2. If b = 20, how many pens were sold on Sunday?
3 m
Sam saved $9 each day and Joelle saved $c more than Sam each day. After 2 weeks, they were still short of $30 to buy a TV set.
  1. How much did the TV set cost? Express your answer in terms of c.
  2. If c = $2, how much did the TV set cost?
3 m
Abel has b coins. Bobby has three times as many coins as Abel but 8 coins fewer than Jason.
  1. How many coins do they have altogether? (Express your answer in terms of b).
  2. If b = 9, how many stamps do the three boys have altogether?
3 m
Lina and Wendy went shopping. After Lina spent $85j, Wendy had 5 times as much as Lina. If Lina had $21j more than Wendy at first,
  1. Express the amount of money that Lina had at first in terms of j.
  2. If j = 10, find the amount of money the two ladies had left after shopping.
3 m
Margaret bought c kg of mangoes at $k per kg and w kg of papaya at $y per kg.
  1. Find the amount she paid for the fruits in terms of c, k, w and y.
  2. If c = 8, k = 7, w = 5 and y = 4, how much change did Mrs Lim receive if she paid the fruit seller with a $100 note?
3 m
Tom has $a. Randy has $2m more than Tom. Wayne has $3n less than Randy.
  1. Find the amount of money Wayne has in terms of x, m and n.
  2. Find the total amount of money the three boys have in terms of x, m and n.
  3. If a= 20, m = 7 and n = 8, how much does Wayne have?
3 m