One pencil costs $x. One pen costs $(x + 20). One ruler costs $4x.
  1. Vince bought 2 pencils, 3 pens and 1 ruler. How much did he spend? Simplify your answer in terms of x.
  2. If x = 20, how much did Vince spend altogether?
4 m
The perimeter of triangle A is equal to that of rectangle B.
  1. Find the length of WX in terms of k.
  2. If k = 3, find the area of rectangle B.
4 m
The figure shows 2 rectangles. The length of the bigger rectangle is (6m + 8) cm and the breadth is half its length. Find the perimeter of the smaller rectangle.
4 m
A rectangle has a length of 6p cm and a breadth of 4q cm. Find
  1. its area in terms of p and q,
  2. its perimeter in terms of p and q,
  3. the area of the rectangle if p = 2 and q = 3.
4 m
The cost price of a necklace was $9w. Dorothy decided to make 10% profit from the necklace. During a sale, a customer bought the necklace at a discount of 10%. What was Dorothy's loss?
4 m
Ali is b years old. Bill is four times as old as Ali and Calvin is 6 years younger than Bill.
  1. Express Calvin's age in terms of b.
  2. Ali is 10 years as of now. ln how many years' time will Calvin be 3 times as old as Ali?
4 m
Lina and Wendy went shopping. After Lina spent $85j, Wendy had 5 times as much as Lina. If Lina had $21j more than Wendy at first,
  1. Express the amount of money that Lina had at first in terms of j.
  2. If j = 10, find the amount of money the two ladies had left after shopping.
3 m
Abel has b coins. Bobby has three times as many coins as Abel but 8 coins fewer than Jason.
  1. How many coins do they have altogether? (Express your answer in terms of b).
  2. If b = 9, how many stamps do the three boys have altogether?
3 m
The total mass of Cindy, Jen and Marvin is 15p kg. Cindy has a mass of 5p kg. Jen is 2 kg heavier than Cindy.
  1. What is Marvin's mass in terms of p?
  2. If p = 10, what is Marvin's mass?
3 m
A plate cost $b. A bowl cost $20 less than the plate.
  1. Mother bought 2 plates and 1 bowl. How much did Mother pay in terms of b?
  2. If b = 98, find the total amount Mother paid.
3 m
Sam saved $9 each day and Joelle saved $c more than Sam each day. After 2 weeks, they were still short of $30 to buy a TV set.
  1. How much did the TV set cost? Express your answer in terms of c.
  2. If c = $2, how much did the TV set cost?
3 m
Tom has $a. Randy has $2m more than Tom. Wayne has $3n less than Randy.
  1. Find the amount of money Wayne has in terms of x, m and n.
  2. Find the total amount of money the three boys have in terms of x, m and n.
  3. If a= 20, m = 7 and n = 8, how much does Wayne have?
3 m
Margaret bought c kg of mangoes at $k per kg and w kg of papaya at $y per kg.
  1. Find the amount she paid for the fruits in terms of c, k, w and y.
  2. If c = 8, k = 7, w = 5 and y = 4, how much change did Mrs Lim receive if she paid the fruit seller with a $100 note?
3 m
Mrs Jensen paid a total of $38 for 3n pens and 4 markers. Each pen cost $2.
  1. Express the cost of 1 marker in terms of n.
  2. If n = 4, how much did each marker cost?
3 m
The table shows the number of pens sold at a bookshop last week.
  1. What was the total number of pens sold last week? Express your answer in terms of b the simplest form.
  2. If b = 20, how many pens were sold on Sunday?
3 m
A van travels 20 km in 5r minutes. How far will it travel in k hours?
3 m
A pen costs $z while a book costs 90¢ less than the pen.
  1. What is the cost of 2 pens and 1 book? Express your answer in terms of p in its simplest form.
  2. Abel wants to buy 2 pens and 1 book but is short of 30 cents. If the book costs $1.10, how much money does Alex have?
3 m
Angela had $112w left after she spent 57 of her money on a wallet. Then she spent the remaining money on shirts at $16w each.
  1. How much money did Angela spend on the wallet?
  2. How many shirts did she buy?
3 m
Lance exercised for a total of (8f + 90) min in a week. For the first 3 days, he exercised for 2f minutes per day. For the next 2 days, he exercised for 30 minutes per day. For how long did he exercise for the rest of the week?
3 m
Lina had $20m. She bought 4 dresses and 9 skirts. Each dress cost $2m. 3 skirts cost as much as a dress. How much had Lina left?
3 m