Level 1 PSLE
Jim stacked 9 unit cubes and glued them together to form the solid as shown. Which view represent the front view? Give your answer in number.
1 m
Level 1
The solid is formed with unit cubes. Which view is represented by the image? Give your answer in number. (Eg 1)
(1) Top view
(2) Side view
(3) Front view
1 m
Level 2 PSLE
Amy builds a solid using 7 unit cubes. Find the greatest number of unit cubes Amy can add to the solid without changing the front view and side view.
1 m
Level 2 PSLE
The solid is made up of 5 cubes.
  1. Which view is shown on the grid? Give your answer in number. (Eg 1)
    (1) Front view
    (2) Top view
    (3) Side view
  2. Eva painted the whole solid including the base. Then she took it apart into its 5 cubes. What is the total number of faces that are not painted?
2 m
Level 3 PSLE
Ann had some identitical cuboids with square base and height, h. She then stacked the cuboid to form the 2 towers. The figure shows the front view and the side views of the 2 towers.
  1. Find h.
  2. Find the volume of the cuboid.
4 m