Level 1
Water drips from a tank tap at 8 mℓ per second into an empty pail. How much water is collected in 2 hours? (Express the answer in mℓ.)
1 m
Level 2
Container A and Container B are fully filled with water. If all the water in Container A is poured into Tank C, it is 30 litres short of filling it to the brim. If all the water in Container B is poured into the same tank, it is 56 litres short of filling it to the brim. If the water from both containers is poured into the same tank, it will completely fill it. If both Tank C and Container B are completely filled, how much more water can Tank C fill than Container B?
2 m
Level 2 PSLE
Carlo filled a container with water using two taps. He turned on Tap A first and after 4 minutes, he also turned on Tap B. Both taps were turned off at the same time when the container was completely filled without overflowing. The graph shows the amount of water in the container over 16 minutes.
  1. What fraction of the container was filled 4 minutes after Tap A was turned on? Express your answer in the simplest form.
  2. In one minute, how many litres of water flowed from Tap B?
3 m
Level 3
9 identical 4-cm cubes are placed in an empty rectangular tank of length 90 cm and width 25 cm. The tank is then filled with water from a tap flowing at a rate of 7 litres per minute. It takes 12 minutes to fill up 34 of the tank. What is the height of the tank? Correct the answer to 1 decimal place.
3 m
Level 3
The figure shows a tank made up of 3 sections. Cuboid A with a square base of side 4 cm and height 30 cm. Cube B with a side of 12 cm. Cuboid C that is 60 cm by 20 cm by 40 cm. Water from a tap above flows down at a rate of 1.2 litres per minute while water is drained out from the bottom at a rate of 1 litre per minute. How long did it take to fill up the tank to a height of 66 cm from the base? Give the answer in minutes correct to nearest whole number.
3 m