How-to Videos

iSchool Crash Course

Learn to use iSchool portal in under 5 minutes! 1) How to sign up 2) How to search, attempt, and clone questions 3) How the coin system works 4) How to use notepad 5) How to make use of reports 6) How to do exam and view exam reports

Speed Mastery Coin System

Coin System = Speed-Tracker System. Learn what each coin means and develop grit by earning the fastest coin with every correct attempt. (Free membership provides the speed-tracker through coins but does not store the results. Only Premium membership can remember and update the earned coins to the reports for review.)


Try the Math exams from modified Top School Papers and see where your child stands in Math mastery. Your child can print or do them online. The exams are then marked, graded and stored automatically. (Free membership provides selected papers. Premium membership provides all papers to attempt on.)

Exam Solutions & Reports

Exam solutions and 6 exam reports are provided to help your child improve. The reports will reveal your child's progress across exams over time, compare Paper 1 and 2 as well as analyse strengths and weaknesses of topics, concepts and mark type.

Navigating Math Page

Learn how to navigate and fully utilise the features on Math Tab. You will learn how to select the type of questions you like to practise.

Trying a question

Learn how to navigate and fully utilise the features on the Question Page including the symbol box, the clone button, the timer and the coin system.

Using the Symbol Box

Learn how to use the symbol box to enter your answer easily even if it is a complicated algebraic fraction.

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Learn how to update any personal details.