iSchool.sg has taught me effective methods of solving challenging Math problem sums within the shortest time possible. The Math videos are also very well-explained. I especially love the shortcuts introduced during the videos. I am grateful to have attained a PSLE aggregate of 264.

Soh Yi Han (Nanyang Girls' High School)

My Math results used to be failing badly. After learning from Ischool, I have learnt the different techniques and strategies for different types of Math questions. From an E to a D and from a D to a B for my PSLE. Till today, I am still using the methods of thinking and analyzing Math problems for my secondary school Math.

Choy Xuan (Riverside Secondary School)

Thank you, Ischool. It has taught me lots of effective methods for solving Math questions and I really appreciate it. I even got an A* for my PSLE.

Aris Lim (Nanyang Girls' High School)

Ischool's method is concise as well as organized. It follows the exam syllabus closely and prepare the child for PSLE. This has allowed me to grasp many mathematical concepts very quickly and apply it to my daily school work. I have become more confident and even more interested in Math. This has allowed me to achieve an A for PSLE Math. Thank you, Ischool!

Sureshkumar Mithusha (Christ Church Secondary)

My results have greatly improved. Using Ischool methods, my teacher has taught me many shortcuts and creative methods to solve different problem sums for Math. When teaching, different coloured pens are used so that I can follow the explanations and will not get confused. This I personally find to be very helpful. The lessons have never failed to be interesting. I am happy to get an A for Math for my PSLE and go into the school of my choice.

Cheng Yu Ting (Anderson Secondary School)

I used to have one-to-one tuition for more than a year but with no result. At the end of P5, I was getting 40+ and my mother was introduced to a teacher using the Ischool's methods. By mid year in my P6, I managed to jump to 80+. My mother was surprised by my speed of improvement. I managed to secure an A for my PSLE Math.

Koh Zheng Kang (Christchurch Secondary School)

Learning from Ischool has benefitted me in many ways. At first I was not confident at all. However, Ischool taught me to see questions from an easier point of view and approach them in a more practical way. The methods were easier to understand and apply to different kind of questions. During exam, I just followed the methods to the questions and was able to solve them. From a failing student, I was able to get a B for my PSLE.

Madhushah (Riverside Secondary School)

Since learning Ischool's methods, there has been a significant improvement in my results. The shortcuts make all the Math problems easier and the lessons are always interesting. I am happy to go to the school of my choice.

Ooi Pei En (National Junior College)

Math has always been my worst subject in my entire primary school life. I abhored Matematics so much until I was in P6 when I was exposed to the Ischool's strategies. Since then, I have started to love Math and I have learned a lot of interesting methods and shortcuts to solve Math questions. From B, I have improved to an A.

Yanru Tan (Nanhua Secondary School)

I have been learning Ischool's strategies and methods for more than 2 years. I have learnt different useful shortcuts and creative methods to solve various types of questions for Math. In my opinion, the methods and shortcuts taught are easy and quick to remember even though I have short term memory. I am happy to get an A for PSLE.

Chong Xuwen (Riverside Secondary School)

Before learning from Ischool, I always had difficulties solving Math questions. After learning, I found out that Math isn't that hard as I previously thought. I began to like Math more. The methods that were taught were easier to understand and ever since then, Math has become an easier subject for me. I got an A for PSLE.

Chong Kai Ying (Chung Cheng High, Yishun)

Ischool is really a useful plaform and effective study companion for Math problem sums. It has provided me tips on the various strategies and techniques to enhance learning, allowing me to study more efficiently and excel in my PSLE Math exam. Without this Math platform, I would not have achieved my stellar results.

Jiamin Neo (Raffles Girls' School)

The Math help was fantastic. At first, I could not understand much but the lessons taught helped me to understand every single thing about Math and the ways to solve it. I learnt more simple ways of solving the questions and shortcuts to save time. By the time I got my PSLE result, I got an A* for Math.

Kayven Lim (Woodgrove Secondary)

I had never passed my Math before. After learning Ischool's useful methods that are easy to understand, my Math definitely improved a lot. It even went from a fail to a C and to a B for PSLE. I am grateful to learn the Ischool's strategies for Math.

Lo Ker Ching (Woodgrove Secondary)

Ischool provides a very effective way of learning in Mathematics. I was always able to wow my teachers with the way I answered the problem sums. My math results were always very consistent in every exam and Ischool has helped me to continue maintaining the standard up to PSLE. Ischool has helped me to attain an A with the wonderful teaching methods.

Raeann Lee (Crescent Girls' School)

I came from Johor at the end of P5 to study in Singapore and had to adjust quickly to the local Math Syllabus. After 5 months of learning Ischool's method, I have gotten 90 for P6 CA1. I am so happy. Thank you for the shortcuts that are so easy to apply and understand for solving problem sums. I want to get a distinction for Math for my PSLE.

Ng Chi Yuen (P6, Woodlands Primary School)

I used to be overwhelmed by the many methods that I could use to do Math problem sums. Ischool has provided me with a basic thinking structure I can use for most of the Math questions. Using it has helped me to save analytical time and has drastically improved my speed. Solving problem sums has become a piece of cake for me.

Risa Lee (National Junior College)

I learnt many new and interesting method to solve different types of mathematical problem sums. The methods taught are all very easy to comprehend and also help in solving the sums fast. At the same time, I got to know many short-cuts to solve difficult problem sums efficiently. Also, there are many useful tips to tackle with different types of mathematical sums. I enjoy the videos and they have helped me tremendously.

Alina Wee (Nanyang Girls' High School)