Level 3
Tim packed 508 muffins into large and small boxes. He filled each large box with 20 muffins and each small box with 12 muffins. All the boxes were full and no muffin were left over. What was the least number of boxes used by Tim?
3 m
Level 3 PSLE
Four teams of students sold lemonade for charity.
They collected $5 for a small cup of lemonade and $10 for a big cup of lemonade.
The table shows the number of cups sold by three of the teams.
Team A: 15 Small, 5 Big
Team B: 11 Small, 9 Big
Team C: 8 Small, 10 Big
  1. Which of the three teams collected the most money? Give your answer in letter.
  2. What was the amount of money collected by Team A?
  3. Team D sold as many cups of lemonade as Team A but collected $20 more. How many big cups of lemonade did Team D sell?
4 m